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Our Reliable steam cleaners deliver superior quality dry steam for safe, chemical-free cleaning throughout your home. Each unit provides powerful steam to kill dust mites, mold, bacteria and germs on tile, hardwood, carpets, kitchens, bathrooms and just about every area of your home without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. We also offer an exceptional Portable Handheld Steamer and Steam Vacuum from Reliable.

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Technical Specs + Pluses
Type: Multi-use, single fill boiler system
  • Internal temp: 270°F
  • Tank capacity: 1.35 liters
  • Boiler material: aluminum
  • Continuous refill: No
  • Pressure gauge: Yes
  • Steam cleaner tools included: 21 piece accessory kit
  • Entry level machine offering strong value
  • 21-piece accessory set
  • Heats up and ready to use in 5 minutes
  • Economical double-walled aluminum tank construction
Reliable EnviroMate PRO EP1000 Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners

Technical Specs + Pluses
Type: Multi-use commercial vapor steam cleaner
  • Internal temp: 302 - 320°F
  • Boiler capacity: 2.6 + 3.1 liters
  • Boiler material: stainless steel
  • Pressure gauge: Yes
  • Safety trigger: Yes
  • Steam cleaner tools included: 4 brushes, 2 filler pads, 9 tools, 1 towel and funnel
  • Continuous fill boiler system with powerful 6 bar, 87 PSI operating steam pressure
  • All attachments are of professional quality
  • Features an adjustable steam with hot water flush option
  • Utility cart which can connect an on-board 1.3 gallon additional water capacity

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