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Ceramic Space Heaters

A ceramic heater is a type of convection heater that is usually compact in size. These heaters feature metal coils that are attached to ceramic plates—air is warmed over the metal coils and absorbed by the ceramic plates. When the ceramic plates heat up, the air around the heater warms up, too. Ceramic heaters provide fast, powerful heat, and they are ideal for smaller rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. See our expert ratings and reviews to find the ceramic heater that best suits your needs.

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Ceramic Space Heaters

Fireplace Space Heater
$149.00  $119.00
  • Technology: Convection
  • Power: 750 - 1500 watts
  • Settings: Low/ High/ Glow
  • Realistic embers
Save $30!
Honeywell HCE322V Digital Ceramic Tower Heater
  • Technology: Ceramic
  • Power: Up to 1,500 watts
  • Settings: Max Heat/Energy Saver
  • Oscillates

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