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Skin Care Product Reviews

Browse our selection of top quality, all natural skin care products to help relieve and prevent skin allergies. Many of these products are recommended by allergy specialists, doctors and dermatologists. We also offer a variety of Hair Care Products that rejuvenate and maintain a healthy looking hair and scalp without common chemical irritants.


Body Care Reviews

Allersearch Moisturizing Oatmeal Cream

$32.95 and up
The Allersearch Moisturizing Oatmeal Cream is specially formulated to soothe and protect dry, irritated and sensitive skin without the use of formaldehydes, lanolins, fragrances, dyes and parabens. The allergist recommended gentle body cream is blended with natural colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients for intense relief. The non-greasy, fast absorbing formula moisturizes for up to 24 hours and continues to protect even after washing. Daily use of our Allersearch Oatmeal Cream will leave your skin soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking. 8 oz. or 3 oz. size....

Availability: Ships out within 1 - 3 business days.

Allersearch IceBlock Sunburn Relief Gel

Our Allersearch IceBlock Sunburn Relief Gel helps to reduce and soothe sunburn and windburn discomfort without irritating sensitive skin. This unique non-stick gel draws heat away from the skin to instantly cool and soothe on contact while helping to restore to its natural state. IceBlock is allergist recommended and is free of formaldehydes, lanolins, fragrances, dyes and parabens. The hydrating formula is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin or MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities). 3 ounce tube.

AJ PC BLOCK $34.95
Availability: Ships out within 1 - 3 business days.

Ginesis Natural Moisturizing Lotion

Our Ginesis Moisturizing Lotion has been formulated with natural healing oils, vitamin extracts and herbs to gently nourish skin that can become easily irritated or has been damaged from excessive abuse. The lotion effectively improves circulation and oxygen between skin and tissue that has been impaired by harsh chemicals found in other lotions. A vitamin enriched lotion free of chemicals is necessary for long-lasting healthy skin! The enriching body lotion smoothes and hydrates on all skin types and is excellent for daily use. ...

GI PC MOIS $11.95
Availability: Ships out within 2 - 3 business days.

Ginesis Natural Face and Body Scrub

$11.95 and up
Ginesis Natural Face and Body Scrub combine natural glycerins with a gentle walnut exfoliate to cleanse and calm your skin without harmful chemicals, such as sulfates, found in traditional body scrubs and soaps. The invigorating face and body scrub promotes the essential and healthy transfer of oxygen between skin and body tissue. The unique formula, using only the highest quality of ingredients, will leave your face and skin clean and fresh without irritations and allergic reactions. Your skin and complexion will become wholesome again – the way nature intended it to be!...

GI PC FBSC8Z $11.95
Availability: Ships out within 2 - 3 business days.

Ginesis Natural Aura Pregnenolone Joint Relief Cream

Our Ginesis Natural Aura Pregnenolone Joint Relief Cream provides a variety of benefits for those seeking overall good health and well-being. When applied to inflamed joints, the cream can give great relief to arthritis sufferers. A healthy does of Pregenolone has also been known to enhance alertness and awareness, heighten visual and auditory perception, improve memory, reduce stress, and improve mood. Our Natural Aura Pregnenolone Cream is derived from natural ingredients and is simply applied onto the knees, arms, chest or where needed once a day. ...

GI PC AURA $19.95
Availability: Ships out within 2 - 3 business days.

Facial Care Reviews

Ginesis Essential Face Cream

Enhance the natural radiance of your skin and face with our Ginesis Essential Face Cream. The unique formula combines elastin and collagen with naturally occurring plant extracts to restore elasticity and tone to skin. Your skin will look and feel firm and silky smooth without common synthetic ingredients, parabens and other harsh chemicals commonly found in face creams. As the cream actively delivers a transfer of essential oxygen between skin and body tissue, formation of wrinkles and scaliness is minimized and new elastin fibers are generated. The skin will exhibit an invigorating glow with...

GI PC FACE $19.95
Availability: Ships out within 2 - 3 business days.

Soap & Cleansers Reviews

Mrs. Meyers® Clean Day Geranium Daily Bar Soap

The Mrs. Meyer's® Clean Day Geranium Daily Bar Soap is an all-purpose soap that is great for use from your head to toes. This one-stop soap can be used in the shower, bath tub or at your sink to clean your hands and body. The Clean Day bar castile soap features olive oil and coconut oil, and it is pressed three times to create a rich and creamy lather while you wash up. It is made with a 100% pure vegetable base and natural essential oils, plus its wrapper is made with 100% post-consumer waste paper. This vegetable-based soap bar's formula is made from 98% naturally-derived ingredients including...

Availability: In Stock. Ships Same or Next Business Day.

Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser

$14.95 and up
Our Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser is a specially formulated oil-free and soap-free cleanser for normal or sensitive skin. The effective yet gentle formula is free of dyes, masking fragrances, formaldehyde releasers and irritating preservatives and ideal for those with sensitive skin, skin allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). The gentle cleanser will clean and soothe your skin without leaving it dry, itchy or irritated. The mild formula can be used for the face, hands and body and on all skin types. If regular bath gels and soaps tend to irritate your skin, then our Free &...

VC PC FCLC8Z $14.95
Availability: Ships out within 2 - 3 business days.

Hand Sanitizer Reviews

Dragonfly Organix Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Wipes

Reduce the risk of contracting common colds and the flu with our fast drying, non-sticky Hand Sanitizing Wipes. Our OSM Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Wipes kill 99.99% germs instantly on contact while leaving the hands soft, silky and smooth. Common hand sanitizers found in stores contain alcohol to kill germs. The alcohol ingredient eventually dries and cracks the skin allowing the germs to get inside where they can cause more harm on the surface of the skin. OSM developed an eco-friendly formula that does not contain any alcohol, polymer thickeners or silicones, yet still effectively...

OS PC HSWI $29.99
Availability: Ships out within 1 - 2 business days

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