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Pet Allergy Control Reviews

Allergic to your pet but just can't give them up? Many pet owners are allergic to their pet's dander or the protein in the pet's saliva. We offer several products to help decrease your exposure to your pet and allow you to live comfortably. Our Pet Shampoos and Solutions neutralize pet allergens before they have a chance to enter the environment. In addition to the cleaning products, an Air Purifier will remove allergens which make it into the air and a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner will permanently trap and hold animal dander. We also offer nutritional and safe pet supplements to keep your pet healthy and active for years. Manage your pet allergy symptoms and their health and coexist with your pet once again!


Pet Air Purifiers Reviews

The Pet Machine Air Purifier by Austin Air

Perfect for pet owners, this air purifier uses HEPA filtration to trap airborne pet allergens such as dust and dander, while the special carbon blend effectively absorbs annoying pet odors like ammonia.

Includes: 1 large particle pre-filter, 1 medium particle pre-filter, 15 lbs. of carbon impregnated with Zeolite and ammonia absorbing component, 1 Medical Grade HEPA filter
Coverage: up to 938 sq. ft.
Fan speeds: 3
Warranty: 5 yrs
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Customer Reviews
money well spent
by: stacy radiates (austin, texas)

"really it was difficult for me to justify spending this kind of money on my pets, but i am now happy i did. the overall quality of air in my home is much better, and i find friends with allergies have been more comfortable around the kittens. potty training was more pleasant when i could roll the ai..."
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Airpura V600 Air Purifiers

$799.98 and up
The V600 is an affordable choice for removing strong odors such as pet odors, formaldehyde and ammonia. A true HEPA filter paired with 18 lbs of enhanced impregnated activated carbon makes the V600 a great all round air cleaner and the perfect choice for pet owners who need to remove pet dander and odors. With a powerful motor and unimpeded airflow, the V600 achieves 440 delivered cmf to clean a large area quickly and quietly. Steel construction for durability and no off gassing.

Includes: pre-filter, 18lbs of enhanced impregnated carbon, true HEPA filter
Coverage: up to 1650 sq. ft. (550 sq. ft. w/ 6 air changes/hr)
Fan speeds: variable
Warranty: 5 yr parts, 10 yr labor
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Customer Reviews
Very Noticeable Effect
by: Soundcat (Highland Park IL)

"I bought this Airpura V600 pet air purifier to maintain marital bliss. I love my cats but she's allergic. Not quite the whole story but suffice it to say that when I turn it off, the basement stinks. I normally keep this Air pura running all the time, but when I'm recording music I need absolute si..."
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Plasmawave 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier

Offering set it and leave it convenience, this air purifier goes to work monitoring and cleaning your air of pet dander and odors, as well as other household odors and allergens. It features 5-stages of air cleaning, 3 smart sensors, 4 fan speeds, auto mode, sleep mode and remote control. Covers up to 284 sq. ft. Energy Star qualified. AHAM certified. 1-year warranty.

Includes: pre-filter, true HEPA filter, advanced odor control carbon filter w/ nano silver anti-microbial shield, PlasmaWave technology
Coverage: up to 284 sq. ft.
Fan speeds: 4
Warranty: 1 yr

Save $30
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Customer Reviews
Terrific value and Lifesaver!
by: Naomi

"What a great little air purifier; it really does an excellent job and does not break the bank account. What is not to like about this air purifier? The controls are intuitive, everything fits together nicely and even an idiot like me can change the filters. I really appreciate the space saver design..."
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Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is a great choice for pet owners. On top of offering exceptional cleaning performance and quiet operation, the C3 Cat & Dog includes an Active AirClean filter to adsorb pet odors and a mini turbo brush for removing pet hair from stairs and furniture. Packaged with Miele's Parquet Twister floor brush and Electro Plus power brush this vacuum will accommodate all carpet and hard floor types. Color: Lotus White.

Includes: Active AirClean filter, 1 filter bag, power brush, parquet brush, mini turbo brush 3 accessory tools
Dimensions: 19"L x 10.5"W x 8.5"H
Weight: 12 lbs.
Warranty: 2 yr parts & labor, 7 yr motor & casing

15% Off
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Customer Reviews
Best Purchase Ever
by: doll (Peekskilll, NY)

"I haven't used this Miele C3 Cat & Dog vacuum as much as I could because I am doing a lot of FALL cleaning, but the little I have used it, it has been wonderful. A dream. I love the canister size because the Miele is easy for me to carry upstairs, thus only had to purchase one vacuum. Can't wait ..."
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Sebo Automatic X4 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

The Sebo Automatic X4 Pet Vacuum is our top rated upright vacuum for pet hair removal. The X4 Pet Vacuum rewards with excellent suction, S-Class filtration, a 12" Powerhead and extra tools for the toughest pet hair removal.

Includes: S-class filtration, 12" powerhead, crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, handheld turbo brush and 9 ft extension hose
Dimensions: 46"H x 13"W x 12"L
Weight: 16.7 lbs
Warranty: 7 yr motor, 5 yr parts, labor, lifetime belt

Save $100
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Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog includes an Active Air Clean Filter and Mini Turbobrush, both ideal features for those battling pet hair and odors. The Active Air Clean filter has active charcoal to absorb odors and remove pet smells with ease while retaining pet hair, dander and dirt. The mini turbobrush is ideal for removing pet hair from furniture, stairs and car interiors. Those two additional features paired with the S7's powerful suction, maneuverability and unmatched filtration performance, makes the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog the perfect fit for every pet owner. Not to mention, its ultra quiet operation will be better tolerated by your furry friends.

Includes: Active AirClean filter, 1 AirClean Filter bag, mini turbobrush, 12" brush roll, 3 onboard accessory tools, swivel neck, manual suction control, LED headlight
Dimensions: 46"H x 13.5"W x 12"L
Weight: 22 lbs
Warranty: 2 yr parts & labor, 7 yr motor & casing

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Customer Reviews
Well-Built Vacuum
by: Mizelle

"I do enjoy how powerful this Miele S7260 Cat & Dog vacuum is. It is effective in removing pet hair. On carpet, some hair will collect on the underside and will rub off on another area of carpet; this may be static working here."
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