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Fireplace Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


Fireplace Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Bad Ash 2 Fireplace Ash Vacuum Cleaner

The Bad Ash 2 vacuum cleaner makes easy cleaning of tough messes such as fireplaces, fire pits, and pellet stoves. The Bad Ash 2 quickly sucks up ash and safely contains it within its large 5.28 gallon bucket. The Bad Ash 2 uses a HEPA filtration system to keep ash and other particles from entering not only the vacuum’s motor, but also the air you breathe. The Bad Ash 2 is for cold ash pick up. As a safety precaution, the filters have been treated with a fire retardant for additional fire and heat protection against the occasional hot coal.

Includes: HEPA filter, pre-filter sleeve, aluminum hose, nozzle
Dimensions: 12"D x 15"H
Weight: 8 lbs
Warranty: 1 yr
Customer Reviews
by: Matt

"Been using this for over a year and am very happy with the design. I use it every two days to clean out my pellet stove so it is used quite frequently. After much use, the pre-filter sleeve over the HEPA will get clogged and reduce suction. To cope with this, turn the machine off and then lift the u..."
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Bad Ash Fireplace Cleaner Vacuum Attachment

The Bad Ash is the most versatile fireplace ash cleaner. It is easy to use vacuum cleaner attachment powered by your vacuum's suction power. It is a safe "do-it-yourself" way to clean ashes from a fireplace, wood stove, barbeque or cooking range, avoiding the expense of professional cleaning. For cold cleaning only.

Includes: HEPA-type filter, cloth bag filter, aluminum hose, crevice tool
Dimensions: 12"D x 11"H
Weight: 6 lbs
Warranty: 1 yr
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