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AirCycler FR Controller

AirCycler FR – Air Handler Controller
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AirCycler FR Air Handler Controller

AirCycler, the smart controller. Improves indoor air quality and guarantees proper fan run times for humidification and air filtration systems.

AirCycler FR - Air Handler Controller
Controls the air in a central air handling system. Mounts on wall.

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Description of AirCycler FR Air Handler Controller

The same beneficial, insulating technology that keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer can also cause air to remain in the home, becoming stale and of poor quality. The AirCycler FR, a central air handling system, can help improve indoor air quality with the touch of a button. The AirCycler FR works collaboratively with your heating, cooling and air filtration systems to effectively and efficiently remove stagnant air from your home, and circulate clean, fresh air throughout the house. Able to be installed anywhere in the home, its simple controls make for ease of use, and poor indoor air quality a thing of the past.

AirCycler FR Air Handler Controller are ideal for someone who...
  • Has a whole house air filtration or humidification system
  • Wants an economical and efficient way to run their whole house system
  • Has trouble with allergies or other issues resulting from poor indoor air quality

Features of AirCycler FR Air Handler Controller

  • Capable of programming air filtration, humidification, ventilation and temperature systems
  • Wall mount design
  • Wiring required
  • Programmable on/off run cycles from 1-199 minutes
  • Stores fan operation times for future recall
  • ABS plastic
  • Color: white
  • Adheres to all building codes

How it Works:

Once installed and powered, the AirCycler will automatically enter Operating Mode.
  • The factory settings provide 20 minutes of fan off time followed by 10 minutes of fan on time. The LCD display will indicate the current fan activity.
  • If the thermostat calls for heating or cooling, the display will read ”ON”. The AirCycler is now in a standby mode.
  • When there is no call for heating or cooling, the AirCycler will display “fan off” and will count down the time remaining until the AirCycler activates the central fan.
  • When the AirCycler activates the central fan, the display will read “fan on”. The display will now count down the time remaining until the fan is deactivated again. This cycle will repeat until there is another call for heating or cooling from the thermostat.

Product Usage:

To maximize the air cleaning efficiency of your whole house furnace filter it is recommended your HVAC system run as much as possible since no air cleaning occurs when it is off. Most experts agree a minimum run time of 8 to 12 hours daily is necessary to clean the air in your home (depending on air quality). Without the use of the AirCycler HVAC controller, your only choice to achieve this recommended run time is to switch your system to fan "On" and it will run 24/7 or take the chance your heating or cooling demands will meet the 8 to 12 hour run time. By using the AirCycler controller you can choose the minutes each hour to run the fan regardless of your home's heating and cooling demands. Since the AirCycler can independently control the HVAC system's fan, you can set it to turn on every 20 to 30 minutes each hour to meet the recommended 8 to 12 hour run time. This saves you money and allows you to get efficient air cleaning from your furnace filter.


Reports by Experts - AirCycler FR Air Handler Controller

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com
With houses being built air tight to conserve energy it is very important to ensure proper ventilation and air circulation. If homes are not equipped for controlling and removing indoor pollutants, indoor air quality problems may result. Installing a controller such as the AirCycler FR will guarantee proper central fan run times independent of your central heating/cooling system so your humidification and air filtration systems can operate effectively.


  • The AirCycler FR controller allows you to set fan run time intervals to guarantee air is cycling for the recommended time through your air filtration or humidification systems.
  • On and Off times are easily programmed with unlimited setting so you can choose the appropriate setting to fit different seasons and weather conditions depending on fan run time needs.
  • The AirCycler FR controller keeps temperature and humidity levels consistent so your house is comfortable at all times.
  • The AirCycler FR control can be installed anywhere in home to fit your decor.
  • By programming fan run times you can eliminates stagnant indoor air.
  • The AirCycler FR is an economical option to running your existing central air handler system fan continuously in order to achieve recommended air circulation times.
  • The AirCycler FR controller improves effectiveness of whole house air systems by allowing you to program specific time frames for the central air handler fan to run.


  • Set up requires the unit to be wired into your air handler and low-voltage thermostat wiring.


The AirCycler is a great device for anyone who has a central air handling system, whole house air purifier or whole house humidifier system. With programmable on/off run cycles from 1-199 minutes you can set your air system to run as necessary to achieve and maintain your desired temperature and humidity levels and prevent stagnant air. The AirCycler FR is an economical and simple alternative to the inefficient and cost prohibitive use of an air handler fan in constant operation.


Technical Specifications of AirCycler FR Air Handler Controller

AirCycler FR - Air Handler Controller
AirCycler Controller
Power Requirements 24V AC; 0.07 Amps
Dimensions 3.5"H x 4.5"W x 1.3"D
Warranty 3 yrs


AirCycler Controller
AirCycler FR - Air Handler Controller AY AP ACFR  $89.95
Smart fan controller for your central air handler system. Economical solution to running your central air handler system constantly to achieve proper fan run time for your home humidification and air filtration systems.

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